Army of Fire – ARC Review

32183844Army of Fire by Jennifer L. Kelly was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. This story takes place in a future where earth has been completely devastated and humans now live on another planet. It is a SciFi and Dystopian novel about a girl named Ka that, according to the society in which she lives, must choose one of the five elements and live her life based upon that element. This decision catapults Ka into an epic adventure to retrieve one of the five elemental stones and defeat the Army of Fire.


Jennifer did a great job of writing an absolutely captivating novel. The prologue hooked me in, and the story only got better and better from there. Jennifer’s writing style is engaging with the perfect balance of description, plot, character interaction, and action. I loved how Jennifer really throws her reader right into the world she has created and we really hit the ground running, so to speak. Jennifer weaves the world building seamlessly into the story itself, which isn’t easily done. All too often in YA authors will throw all of the information and world building at the reader all at once, rather than slipping all of the necessary information throughout the novel.


Ka, also known as Kata, was a really strong female main character. You guys know I love it when the main character is strong and not a damsel in distress and Ka definitely fits the bill. She is relatable, and really grows throughout the book. She’s not the only great character though! Jennifer has filled this book with really great secondary characters, and does a great job of keeping each and every one of them well rounded and not clichéd. Sloan in particular was a favorite of mine.


Now let’s talk about the plot. This book is action packed, and a real adventure. However there is some romance peppered in, which breaks things up quite nicely. This is a story that has a prophecy/legend element to it, so there is a certain amount of clichéd or overused elements relating to that particular genre. But Jennifer did a great job of putting her own spin on these common prophecy tropes, and the few clichéd aspects did not detract from the story for me. I’ll also mention that this book wasn’t always predictable; there were a couple of things that genuinely surprised me which doesn’t usually happen to me.


All in all if you love dystopian books like Divergent you’ll love this book. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the sequel! This was a solid 4/5 stars for me.



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