Double Review: Covalent Bonds and Tales of Krampus

30627093Covalent Bonds is an anthology of nine stories edited by Trysh Thompson. I was sent this ARC in exchange for a honest review. This collection of stories focuses on romance between geeks, and I loved each story.


It doesn’t matter what kind of geek you are – gaming, hacking, comic books, Dungeons and Dragons, cosplay, fandoms- this anthology has something for everyone! One of the things that I like the most about a book like this is that I can read one story every night. They are the perfect length to read before bed and there is never a cliffhanger.


Every story in this anthology is well written, and interesting. Each story brings something different to the table, and is full of well-rounded and likeable characters. Some of the stories are pretty steamy, while others are on the sweeter side.  As a self-proclaimed geek (and proud of it) I really enjoyed this book and definitely recommend that you check it out when it comes out in February 2017.



He Sees You When He’s Creepin’: Tales of Krampus is another nthology that was sent to me my World Weaver Press in exchange for an honest review. This collection of twelve stories edited by Kate Wolford focus on Krampus, the Anti-Santa Clause if you will.


I was worried that this collection might be too scary for me, as anyone that knows me will tell you I scare ridiculously easily. However, I was presently surprised because this actually had a great mix of fun, hilarious, and a touch of horror.


I enjoyed most of the stories in the one, however there were a couple that I wasn’t too fond of. My favorite by far was the one including Cinderella. These stories were well chosen, and this anthology is perfect for those of you that like Nightmare Before Christmas and other Halloween/Christmas crosses. This one is worth checking out if you like unique and interesting stories.


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