Ten Years Later – Book Review

 When New Jersey-based sports radio producer Carla D’Agostino receives a save-the-date for her ten-year high school reunion, she’s thrown into a tailspin. She’s miserably single, living at home with her old-school Italian-American family, and miles away from her dream job as a sports talk radio host.

She voices her discontent to her closest friends, the stunning Andrea, cheerful Katie, and playboy Dante, and they encourage Carla to stand up and fight for the life she wants.

Inspired by their words, Carla sets her plans in motion. She enlists the help of a personal trainer, tapes a sports commentary demo with Dante for her unconventional WSPS boss Dan, and gets back into the dating game for the first time since her heart was broken by her first love.

But the universe has different ideas for Carla than she has for herself, and she suffers setback after setback: Dan gives the afternoon host position to a Los Angeles import, and, worse yet, offers Dante a gig, which he accepts, much to Carla’s hurt and dismay.

More determined than ever, Carla continues to throw herself at life with gusto, and a series of surprises, both good and bad, lead her straight into the arms of a love that never really left.

10 Years Later by Lisa Marie Latino was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. When I was givin the chance to review this book I was pretty excited because the  main character, Carla, was in a very similar position in her life to where I myself am right now.

Carla, the main character, was approaching her 10 year reunion and hadn’t yet achieved or reached the goals/place in life that she had hoped she would. Personally, I found the situation to be extremely relatable -probably because it is the point in life where I myself am. But I don’t think you need to be at this point to relate to Carla and the situation she finds herself in.

As a main character Carla was quite enjoyable. She was determined and down to earth. I loved how she really grew as a person in a significant way throughout the course of the novel. There were aspects of Carla that frustrated me though, like how worked up she got about certain things.

This book was filled with lots of great characters though, and I thoroughly enjoyed most of them. However there were a few characters that I just couldn’t stand, for no real discernible reason other then I just did not click with them. Dante was one of those characters for me, I think what bothered me the most was that he took the job from Dan despite being one of Carla’s “best” friends.

Now as for the plot itself, it was just alright. It was a pretty standard rom-com plot, with no surprises, no twists, and was utterly predictable. With that being said, one doesn’t pick up a book like this for suspense and plot twists, so the predictability and cliched nature of the plot did not bother me too much.

All in all this was a nice light read. It was like mind candy; it tastes good but hold no nutritional value. I struggled with what rating to give this book, and in the end I settled on 3.5/5 stars. It was just okay for me, and isn’t the first book I would think to recommend to someone. That combined with the plot made this one a 3.5 for me.


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